Angelina can Sing!

Music to me is the most beautiful thing God made. My favorite instruments are the guitar, violin, and flute. I like all types of music, but I am not a huge fan of rap or country. My favorite types of songs are the ones that nobody else notices (they seem special to me that way).

Kindly Download and listen to her Angelic voice 🙂

From the album Wake Up Call:

The Deers Cry   (892 KB)

Ave Maria   (1 MB)

Whisper In The Other Ear   (726 KB)

How Great Thou Art   (766 KB)

To order an album, visit Angelina’s web site,, or call:
1-877-5-ROSARY (1-877-576-7279) or e-mail:


I'm Black, I'm Beautiful, I'm Blessed, I'm a Blogger, I'm Bold about God and His Catholic Church.

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2 comments on “Angelina can Sing!

    How beautiful really is… regards and God bless!

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