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Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?

An eerie figure appears to stand on a cloud high in the mountains, arms outstretched, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. To complete the picture, the figure is crowned with a perfect halo of light. Amateur photographer Luc Perrot was

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Twitter “You Both Follow” Feature

The “You Both Follow” feature that Twitter started testing back in June is now being rolled out to all users. As the name implies, “You Both Follow” shows you the people that you and another Twitter user mutually follow. To

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Will Facebook Questions be more useful than Twitter as a Q&A platform?

Facebook has begun the rollout of an exciting new feature, Facebook Questions, which will allow users to get answers to their queries from the entire Facebook community. Similar in concept to Yahoo! Answers, Quora etc. Facebook Questions gives users the

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Top Videos and Trends on Theology

Catholic Fiction Special Edition: Are Catholics Christians? Debates #2: Mark Bonocore (Catholic Legate) versus Matt Slick (CARM) Debates #3: Karl Keating (Catholic Answers) versus various Protestant ministers Debates #4: Robert Sungenis (CAI) versus Matt Slick (CARM) Debates #1:William Albrecht (Catholic) vs. Turretinfan (Protestant) Catholic Fiction

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